by Cathy Clay

Agatta Lugar arrived at No. 51 Dauphine Street Madam Zuline Clovis's Bordello, in 1884 on Valentine's Day; she was fourteen years old. Since then three years had passed and she had become one of Clov...       more...

ISBN 9780976135203

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Coming Down to Earth

by Sharon Edwards

It's so perfect, this life they have made together - Andy, Marian, and their little son, Aaron. After having spent years searching for what he has now, Andy doesn't for a minute take any of it for ...       more...

ISBN 9781890427245

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Forever Kiss, The

His most dangerous weapon is... his kiss.
by Angela Knights

For years, Valerie Chase has been haunted by dreams of a man she knows only as Cowboy. When she was a child, her fantasy Texas Ranger rescued her from the nightmare vampires who murdered her parents. ...       more...

ISBN 9780964894235

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Last Kiss

by Marilyn Smith Porter

Georgie Core didn't know if he could live with himself. If ony he had told Sharon his true feelings for her...when he had the chance. But she was his best friend's girl. Now all he had were his memori...       more...

ISBN 9781598540017

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