Deliver Us From Evil

by Kathy L. Thomas

There is a way of life that seems right to us, but is it God's way of living? We must be ever aware that there is a wrong and a right way to live. There is a wrong and a right way to think. There i...       more...

ISBN 9781937089238

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Joy of Journaling, The

by Paul D'Encarnacao, Pat D'Encarnacao

An excellent introduction to the world of journaling by two well-known treatment professionals. Very readable, spiced with lots of patients' journal entries and quotes. Shows how one can develop true ...       more...

ISBN 9780940829053

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Letter Sounds

to Help Parents Help Their Children
by Peggy L. Forster

The child who knows the letters of the alphabet is ready to learn the sound of each letter. Letter Sounds to Help Parents Help Their Children, created by 18-year teaching veteran Peggy L. Forster, is ...       more...

ISBN 9781568251646

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My Writing Year

Making Sense of Being a Writer
by Joseph Sutton

Every writer at one point or another hits a bump in their literary road, the dreaded writer's block. Rather than lament his sorry fate, Sutton pledged to himself to write an essay a week about the wri...       more...

ISBN 9780982559833

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The Dance of Character & Plot

by Diann Mills

When an author steps onto the page of a novel, a dance of rhythm and beauty begins, The writer is inspired to create story, and that passion unfolds onto the pages of a vibrant novel....       more...

ISBN 9780985356378

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Two Sides to Every Coin...The Customer Isn't Always Right!

by Naomi Black

"Two Sides To Every Coin" is an intimate, inside look into what retail personnel must face every day when dealing with consumers. Funny and poignant, it explores the depths that consumers will sink to...       more...

ISBN 9780975361801

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Write Now!

On the Road to Getting Publisher or How I Learned to Sell My Book
by Joseph Sutton

Write Now! is a powerful little book about writing, getting published and selling your book. Itís about the urge to write, writing mentors, writerís block, when to start to write and what to write.more...

ISBN 9780965597463

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