320 Fun and Challenging Brainteasers to Sharpen Your Mind

by Terry Stickels

FITNESS AND FUN FOR YOUR BRAIN In this firstof-its-kind collection, puzzle guru Terry Stickels has gathered more than three hundred of his beloved Stickelers [sic] into one easy-to-tote book. Stickelers [sic] have been syndicated by King Features in newspapers nationwide for over three years and legions of puzzle solvers from six to 106, from first graders to physicists, have been challenged and entertained by these puzzles that make you think and solve in a whole new way. Every page features a different head-scratching logic puzzle (wordplay, math puzzles, and visual/spatial puzzles) guaranteed to make you laugh and learn. Rest assured, you don't need any advanced degree or obscure knowledge, just a penchant for puzzles and plenty of patience. With 320 puzzles of all difficulty levels, ranging from basic brainteasers to baffling braintormenters, this is the perfect book for long car trips, airport layovers and morning coffee breaks. These cranial gymnastics can be done alone or with friends! About the Author Terry Stickels is one of the foremost puzzle creators in the world. In addition to his King Features syndicated puzzle, Stickelers [sic], he also creates Frame Games puzzles and Stickdoku puzzles for USA Weekend. He is the author of more than a dozen books including The Little Bathroom Book of Sudoku, The Little Bathroom Book of Kakuro, and The Pocket Book of Frame Games from Fair Winds Press. He resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Will Shortz, Crossword Editor for The New York Times proclaims that "Terry Stickels’ puzzles are perfect brain stimulators for young and old alike…and they build problem-solving skills that are useful both academically and in everyday life."

ISBN 9781592332250
336 pages

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