Center for Mindfulness / University of Massachusetts Medical Sch
7th Annual International Scientific Conference for Clinicians, Researchers and Educators
March 18 - 22, 2009
Worcester, Massachusetts

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CFM09-000 Complete Conference Audio Mp3 - 100+ Hours of Audio Includes all 2009 Sessions - 6 CDs/$299.00 Not available for download
CFM09-001 Taking Your Seat-A Day of Mindfulness and Meditation - Melisaa Blacker, Florence Meleo-Meyer, Robert Stahl, PhD, Saki Santorelli 2 CDs/$24.00 MP3 Download/$20.00
CFM09-002 Integrating Emotion Training into MBSR - Margaret Cullen 4 CDs/$48.00 MP3 Download/$40.00
CFM09-003 Exploring Mindfulness through Qualitative Research Methodologies - Belinda S. L. Khong, PhD 3 CDs/$36.00 MP3 Download/$30.00
CFM09-004 ...Mindfulness and Addiction - Lawrence Peltz. MD 3 CDs/$36.00 MP3 Download/$30.00
CFM09-006 Thinking the World Together-Seeking Accord and Independence - Donald McCowan, Susan Wiley, MD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-007 This Analog Life-Reconnecting with What Is Most Important in an Always Uncertain World - Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD 3 CDs/$36.00 2 DVDs/$39.00 MP3 Download/$30.00
CFM09-008 The Biological Mechanisms of Mindfulness I - Jeremy Gray, PhD, Catherine Kerr, PhD, Amishi Jha, PhD 3 CDs/$36.00 MP3 Download/$30.00
CFM09-009 The Biological Mechanisms of Mindfulness II - Antoine Lutz, PhD, Philippe Goldin, PhD 3 CDs/$36.00 MP3 Download/$30.00
CFM09-010 Celebrating 30 Years of Mindfulness at UMass and Around the World - Saki Santorelli 1 CDs/$13.00 1 DVDs/$23.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-011 Mindfulness and Healer's Art for First and Fourth Year Med Students - Cara Geary, MD, PhD, Julie McKee, MD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-012 Mindfully Understanding By Design - Tom Thrasher 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-013 Long Term Impact of Mindfulness-Based Self Care on Psychotherapists and Counselors - John Christopher, PhD, Jennifer Chrisman, Michelle Trotter 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-014 MBSR in Gay and Lesbian Population - Antonella Monatano, PhD, Giovanni Battista Flebus, PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-015 What Older Adults Say About Mindfulness Meditation - Natalia E. Morone, PhD, Carol M. Greco, PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-016 Development of a Scholarly Concentration in Contemplative Studies for Medical Students - Gary Epstein-Lubow, MD, Harold Roth, PhD, Marcia Smith, PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-017 Eat for Life-Innovation in Workplace Wellness Program in Mindful Eating - Lynn Rossy, PhD, Hannah Bush 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-018 Philanthropy and MBSR at Your Health Care Organization - Geaorgia Tetlow. MD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-019 Effects of Mindfulness on Emotional Processing in Bipolar Disorder - Pilot Study - Amber Latronica, Colin Depp, PhD, Steven Hickman 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-020 Neurobiological Underpinnings of Mindfulness and Meditation - Sara Lazar, PhD, Britta Hoelzel, PhD, Karl Evans, MD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-021 Training U. S. Forest Service Firefighters in Mindfulness-Based Situational Awareness - Jim Saveland. PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-022 Exploring Other Hemispheres-Pathways to the Positive - Margaret Chesney, PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 1 DVDs/$23.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-023 The Emergence of Contemplative Neuroscience... - Richard Davidson, PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 1 DVDs/$23.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-024 A Progressive Approach Based on Mindfulness and Acceptance-Trauma and PTSD - Maria Noel Anchorena 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-025 Implementing a Brief Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Anticipatory Anxiety in an Oncology Setting - Steven D. Hickman, Rochelle D. Voth, PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-026 Making the Kost of Therapist Mindfulness - Chris Mace, MD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-027 Pilot Study of the Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Education Programs - Larissa G. Duncan, PhD, Nancy Bardacke, CNM 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-028 Use of Mindfulness-Based Strategies for Coping with Childhood Stress - Krista Mancarella, Susanna Lack, Julie Agresta 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-030 Leading the Smith College School for Social Work from a Mindfulness Perspective - Carolyn Jacobs. PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 1 DVDs/$23.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-031 Mindfulness Practices in a Chronic Pain Management Clinic and in Current Medical Care - Marcia Jean Howton, MD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-032 MBSR for Those Healing from Childhood Sexual Trauma - Trish Magyari, Char Wilkins 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-033 Mindfulness-Based Training in Pre-Deployment Military Context - Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-034 Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Substance Use Disorders - G. Alan Maralatt, PhD, Sarah Bowen PhD, Neha Chawla 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-035 Benefits and Risks of MBSR with PTSD-Mixed Methods Pilot Study - Judy D. Smith 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-036 Measuring Mindfulness in Adolescence - Angela Marie West, OhD, Tamara Marie Loverich, PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 Not available for download
CFM09-037 Refining Group Dynamics Skills - Lawrence J. Laddin, PhD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-038 Functional Neuroanatomy of Mindfulness Meditation - Kathleen B. Lutyk, PhD, G. Alan Marlatt, PhD 3 CDs/$36.00 MP3 Download/$30.00
CFM09-039 Chronic Illness and MBSR - Lucia McBee, Elana Rosenbaum, Vered Hankin, PhD 3 CDs/$36.00 MP3 Download/$30.00
CFM09-040 Mindfulness-Based Integrative Medicine Retreats - Katherine Bonus, Luke Fortney, MD 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-042 Mindful Practice-A Novel Required Curriculum for Medical Students and Residents - Mick Krasner, MD, Christopher Mooney 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-043 A Context-Contoured Approach to Mindfuklness Training - Scott Rogers 1 CDs/$13.00 MP3 Download/$10.00
CFM09-047 Thirty Years in One In-Breath Lineage, Transformation and Leadership in Bringing Mindfulness-Based Work into the Mainstream - Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD 2 CDs/$24.00 1 DVDs/$23.00 MP3 Download/$20.00
CFM09-048 Turning Toward the Moment-Challenges in Clinical Practice - Mick Krasner, MD, Anthony Suchman, MD 3 CDs/$36.00 MP3 Download/$30.00
CFM09-049 Five Rememberences as a Teaching Platform for MBSR - Elana Rosenbaum, Lucia McBee, Vered Hankin, PhD 4 CDs/$48.00 MP3 Download/$40.00
CFM09-050 Mindfulness and Compassion Practices for Chronic Pain Patients - Beth Roth 2 CDs/$24.00 MP3 Download/$20.00
CFM09-051 Mindfulness in Elementary School - Gina Biegel, Laurie Grossman 2 CDs/$15.00 MP3 Download/$15.00
CFM09-052 A Model for MBSR Teaching Support - Katherine Bonus, Laura Pinger, Diana Grove 2 CDs/$24.00 Not available for download

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